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OCTC announces "Props2Presents" to Benefit

Connecting with our Community this Holiday season.


Opening December 14th on the Herberger KAX Stage

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Suze St. James    

Nicholas John Gearing

Ryan Malikowski


Welcome to OCTC!

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Order Chaos Theater, Inc is a non-profit 501 (c)3 status community theater and a new addition to the valley which relies on donations and support from the community and through our ticket sales.  Order Chaos strives to create a space upholding the highest standards and integrity for all involved.  Through its thoughtful and intimate productions, we hope to remove the distance between the stage and the audience, connecting with our community through plays and musicals that resonate with the lives around us. We are committed to equality on and off the stage, striving for diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. OCTC hopes to show the beautiful chaos of our lives reflected through the theatrical order of performance.

"Through the Human Event, we find Order and Chaos. And through Order and Chaos, we create Art."

If you would like to be involved with or become a donor or sponsor Order Chaos Theater, please  select the Donate and Support OCTC Tab.


We are honored to call The Herberger Theater Center our home.  

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