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Used Toys and Clothing in good Condition are acceptable

You are OCTC

Get Involved in one or all our programs below.

We as a community build and sustain OCTC through involvement in our Outreach Programs, Organizational Partnerships, as Actors or part of Production Teams and as a Volunteer

Email us at with your interest in any of our programs below

OCTC Casting and Creative Teams

All OCTC productions are cast through our growing talent pool of Actors, Directors and Production and Design teams. Casting Calls are sent to this Talent Pool with information of the selected Play or Musical Venue. Whether you have an extensive Theater resume or you are just beginning your journey into theater, OCTC invites and welcomes you.

Participate in the OCTC Outreach Program reaching out and connecting with our community through presentations of play reading, vocal performances, discussions with actors, directors, and playwrights. Open discussions on how the Arts enrich, support, and enlighten our community led by OCTC Outreach Moderators. The Outreach Program is an ongoing community engagement program that connects and educates us all and help open doors of opportunity to learn and grow. Contact OCTC to participate in our Outreach Program.

Email Subject: Outreach

2023/24 OCTC Outreach Program

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